Black Hummer Hire Perth


This is a photo of what black hummer hire Perth should look like. Black Hummer Hire Perth, what a Real Full Length Black Hummer Limousine in Perth should look like.A massive 210" inches of luxury stretch including 4 lounge style seating areas, 3 bars with 9 ice chests,6 x 15" LCD screens and a 5 meter long disco floor. This is the longest stretch Hummer limousine in West Australia and is 10.5 meters long bumper to bumper. Despite some competitors claiming to have 11 meter long Hummers, they are stretching the truth. 11 meter long Hummers don't exist if they only have 4 wheels! Hummer Limousines come in several sizes including the mini burger size all the way to a Double Whopper with cheese size. Below is a photo of the boot section of a Showtime Black Hummer. You will notice that at the rear of the stretch black hummer limousine, the boot is packed with 6 boxes of clean champagne flutes, 1 large esky for champagne, soft-drinks, spring-waters and 6 bags of fresh ice for our clients refreshment. We also pack a cleaning box with a vaccum cleaner, rubbish bags, air freshener, polishing cloths etc for detailing the Black Hummer Limo when we do not return to our Showroom base.Showtime also has umbrellas and a 3 meter long red carpet in the storage area. We pay the additional A$200,000 and have the Hummer built to seat all guests in the Party section, which is a different section again to the front drivers section. The influx of 10+ year old ex US Taxi Hummer Limos into Perth has brought in sub standard short, recycled, refurbished baby Hummer Limos that are being hired to Perth Hummer passengers under falseBlack Hummer Hire Perth Boot. This is not a seating compartment, you will not be in the cleaning section with your back against the back glass window in a Showtime Limo Black hummer hire Perth pretences.

When embarking on Black Hummer Hire Perth, take along a measuring tape, open the Central Jet Door, (the old Hummers do not have this), inspect the amazing interiors, and speak to the chauffeurs in the limousine showroom. This will avoid any embarrassment on the day the Black Hummer Limo arrives to your front door and it is then too late to ask - where is the rest of it? Or this wasnt the picture I saw on the flashy website, or the sales person described to me.


View Perth's true and honest 16 Seater full length H210 Black Hummer Hire Perth in our limousine showroom, weekdays 8:30am - 5:30pm