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Is cheap limo hire Perth what you really mean to book?

    Budget Chrysler limousine hire Perth is offered at $199 for the hour. This service involves pretty much just a “driver” and a Chrysler limo, limited service, no complimentary benefits and the risk that the company you book with will call you to cancel the service. This cancellation is extremely common as they continue to offer the booking time at a realistic price that will cover the necessary costs. Normally the phonecall, text or email will state that they accidentally double booked, or the booking before hand extended their booking.

    Budget Hummer limousine hire Perth is offered at $250 to $399 per hour. The service is nearly identical as above, however the Hummer limo is a budget version, older models or short length in the stretch, but the $250 to $399 per hour rate is actually fair value as it is a reflectioCompare cheap limo hire Perth with value and cost.n of the purchase price the owner paid. .when purchasing it. This area is hard to navigate as there are so many different length Hummers and the quality ranges from both sides of the spectrum.

    First Class Limousines, full length and manufactured to impress will not be hired at the same rate as cheap limo hire Perth, obviously as the purchase price of the limousine is twice that of the budget, used models. Chryslers you can expect to pay $300 to $395 per hour, and Hummers between $495 and $600 per hour in the Perth Metro area.

    There is a difference between a "cheap" limousine and a" great vaue" limousine price. You wil receive what you pay for.

Please rest assured that Showtime Limousines Perth offer only First Class Limousine services, Full Services with fully insured limousines, chauffeurs and permanant staff. We do not offer any budget services as above as our limousines are purchased and designed brand new, fully regulated and full length with the latest appointments. Our limousine hire prices are very fair, especially considering the quality limousines and the professionalism we offer. We prefer not to match other companies prices as they cannot match our limousines.


View Perth's true and honest 16 Seater full length H210 Limousines are on diplay, weekdays 8:30am - 5:30pm

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