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Vintage Wedding Cars

We know that when you hire a stretch limousine, you may be celebrating a wedding, birthday or other special occasion. We offer a fabulous selection of both cutting edge modern wedding limousines and vintage wedding cars for hire.

Based in Perth, Western Australia our classic wedding cars and vintage limousines can be hired for any special occasion but mostly, are hired to transport you in style and comfort for your wedding car services. Our classic wedding car chauffeur service enables you to relax in the knowledge that you will arrive to your big day in style, luxury and comfort.

We offer both modern day wedding limos , 2013 model and vintage cars from the 1940- 1950 and 1960's. Classic wedding cars, like the Rolls Royce, Bentley or Jaguar! We offer these beautiful classic cars, so that you can arrive in total style, elegance and with the charm of yesteryear. Our stretch limo and vintage limousine service can be arranged to pick you from your chosen home or hotel, drive you in style to your wedding ceremony and then can be parked so that you and your wedding guests can take stunning photos.

Classic Wedding Cars

1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

This classic car provides every thing you would expect from a vintage 1950's sedan. Able to comfortably seat up to 5 people, so that you and your selected guests can fully enjoy the classic car experience.Hire Classic Wedding Cars Perth, Vintage Wedding Car Hire Rolls Royce vintage weddings limousines perth

The 5.9L V8 engine creates a distinctive sound that will turn heads as you are driven to your wedding venue. Combine this with the stunning beauty of this classic Limousine, and you are bound to be the envy of the whole town or city.

Each of our vintage limos, come upholstered in the classic trim. No modern add ons! Your chauffeur driver will treat you like royalty and can easily be arranged to drive you where ever you fancy.

Key features of Hiring a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Beautiful Vintage Cars, choose from a selection of vehicles so you get precisely what you want from your hired limousine

〉 5 Seats. This allows you to take your special wedding guests with you on your drive of a life time. You and your guests arrive in style and comfort in this classic 1960's limousine sedan.

〉 You can arrange pick up, drop of and have your vintage sedan parked up. Capture the memories with stunning photo opportunities.

〉 Contact Our Friendly Staff Today for more information about the Classic 1960's Rolls Royce Silver Cloud limousine. See pictures below of the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

〉 Chauffeur Driven. Arrive to your chosen venue or destination in classic style.

1949 Bentley MK6

When you are planning to hire a vintage wedding car limousine in Perth, the Bentley MK 6 is a fabulous choice for you. The 8.1 L engine purrs as you are being driven in this classic limo. With plenty of legroom, you and your guests will not be disappointed by the comfort of the classic Bentley.hire classic wedding cars Perth with the Bentley vintage edition limousine

Key features Of Hiring The 1949 Bentley MK6

〉 Vintage style and trim. Your Bentley limo comes with traditional upholstery and all the chrome you would expect from a classic sedan.

〉 5 seats with plenty of legroom. Not only can the blushing bride groom be accommodated, but so can a selection of your special guests.

〉 Total Comfort and Luxury. The Bentley MK 6 is spacious, comfortable and will allow you to feel like a king or queen as you are being Chauffeur Driven in this vintage limousine.

〉 Friendly and helpful Chauffeur. Your chauffeur will be able to provide further information regarding the beautiful classic car and is more than happy to accommodate your requests.

Contact Us Today for more information about the Classic 1949 Bentley MK6 limo. See pictures of the classic Bentley MK6 below.

1950 Jaguar MK5 Convertible

A beautiful convertible. Arrive to your big day in comfort style and enjoy the fresh air in the process. This limo comes with everything you would expect from a classic limousine. Comfort, vintage style and beautifully polished chrome.

When you hire a Jaguar MK5 convertible you get all of these features:hire a classic wedding cars Perth, vintage car. limousines hire perth

〉 Classic Vintage limousine. Our Jaguar MK 5 comes with traditional upholstery, trim and of course highly polished chrome. Travel like royalty to your wedding venue.

〉 Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful vintage car with a 3.5 L engine. This classic Jaguar will have your guests loving the style and feel.

〉 Arrange pick, the route and arrange for your Chauffeur to park the car, so you and your wedding guests can take lovely photographs.

〉 Friendly and professional Chauffeur. Your driver can provide more information regarding this beautiful, classic wedding car.

See photos below of our lovely Jaguar MK 5 convertible.

1950 Jaguar MK5 Sedan

A stunning and stylish sedan limo. Like the convertible, this vintage limo provides class, comfort and a way to travel to your wedding venue that will leave you with fantastic memories. The Jaguar MK5 sedan comes with a 3.5 L engine, people will stare with admiring glances as you are driven past.

Key features for the Vinae Jaguar MK5 sedan. wedding limousines hire perth

〉 Travel in comfort and ultimate style. The Jaguar sedan limo has 5 seats so you and your guest can travel in total style.

〉 A Professional Chauffeur is their to help you fully enjoy your vintage car experience. They offer friendly information and the highest levels of drive comfort.

〉 Draw admiring glances as you are driven to your wedding reception or venue.

We can provide other classic limousine sedans and modern limos for you to choose from, to ensure that you arrive on your big day in comfort, style and luxury! Contact Us Now To learn more about our Perth based wedding limousines hire service.