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Looking for cheap Limo Hire Perth Prices?

Limo hire Perth prices primarily are charged for the length of hire, as limousine operators are legally required to charge for a minimum of one hour hire. The Department of Transport who licence small charter vehicles such as limousines enforce this minimum. As opposed to taxis who can hire their vehicles by the minute or by the kilometre. Seasonal rates will also affect the limo hire Perth prices as limo hire services are in greater demand in the summer and spring months, rather than the winter. Although, this only norLimo Hire Perth Prices -cheap limo or a cheap price?mally affects the daytime services where normally wedding limo hire would be booked. Social functions are all year round and always in demand for the quality stretch limo hire services.

Affordable limo hire Perth depends on your expectations and standards. The cheapest limo hire Perth may be great at the time of booking the limousine, however can be embarrassing when it arrives to your special event. Especially if rather than a way to move a large number of guests the intention was to impress or to make a memorable experience. But then the cheap limo hire may be all that you require rather than a maxi taxi.

Other factors with limo hire Perth prices are:

  • Style of the limousine
  • Brand of the limousine
  • General condition of the limousine
  • Seating capacity of the limousine (eg, short hummer but with extra seatbelts added)
  • Length of the limousine
  • Age of the limousine
  • Short import or genuine limousine
  • Service standards of the limousine company
  • Full service, eg refreshments, red carpet
  • Professional Chauffeurs, (not rent-a-driver)
  • Costs associated to run the business professionally
  • Whether the owner pays tax and just keeps the hire without declaring it as income.


Prices for Chrysler Limousine Hire Perth range from $250 - $395 for the Perth Metro Area.

Pircies for Hummer Limousines range from between $250 - $600 per hour for the Perth Metro Area.






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