Hummer Limo Perth Cost

Why does Hummer Limo Perth Cost Vary?

The Hummer limo hire Perth cost depends on the features, fittings and new technology as discussed before.  However, only with the professional Hummer Limousine companies that choose to offer brand new Hummer Limousines,  can you have the choice of the brand new options.  To have a Hummer Limousine made brand new can be twice the purchase price of  Perth competitors who import the aged versions that have done their time on US roads so have to be de-registered there.

The JET DOOR middle door option.

One such option is the Central middle door in the middle of the limousine designed for easy access for guests to enter and exit the limousine.  Commonly known as the JET DOOR, it is actually a purpose build additional bridal door entry for wedding parties requiring the service of a Hummer Wedding Limousine for their larger bridal parties.

At the design stage of the brand new stretch hummer limousines, the Showtime team decided the hummer had to be different from the other “clone” hummers in Perth.

 The maximum stretch of hummer limousines in Perth was 200”.. Showtime went one step further and developed the H210. The additional 10”of space is in the middle of the limousine providing more ‘elbow room’ for passengers, elevating the comfort level.

 Having seen other limousines in Perth, we decided only being equipped with two rear doors made entry into ordinary limousines extremely difficult, especially with ball gowns and wedding dresses.

Having seen the idea of central opening ‘jet doors’ in Las Vegas making a ‘walk in entry’ a breeze, Showtime decided this was a must.

 Most bystanders observing the easy opening middle door, that opens vertically would assume the door is purchased and ‘bolted up’ to the hummer framework. This is far from the truth as it can only be fitted at the time of manufacture to brand new limousines.

 At the coachbuilders limousine making factory, when the vehicle is gutted, the car is cut where the front & rear doors meet. The two ends are then placed placed at opposite ends of the factory. The overall length of 10.5 metres is checked & secured. Framework and the floor plan then join & secure the two ends together once the roof and side panels, are welded into place, along with all the support framework and bracing. The middle of the limousine is marked, Exactly 1 metre is measured into the side panel and roof. A door opening is then cut ensuring perfect alignment of the panels, edges. Once the jet door is cut in, the door framework is completed and 2×400 pound gas struts are installed to ensure safe & sturdy opening & closing.

This expensive and time consuming engineering feat is one of the reasons that brand new Hummer Limousines are so expensive.  For this reason it also demonstrates that when any company tell you their Hummer Limousine is brand new – this is not the truth as it would come out standard with a JET DOOR.

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