Limos Perth Fleet

Showtime Limos Perth Fleet photos

Perth limo hire fleet displaying the Pink limo Perth (Hummer), Candy Red Hummer Limo Perth, Black Chrysler 300C (Lambo Doors) and the Silver Chrysler 300C (Lambo Doors)

Pink Hummer Red Hummer Black & Silver Chrysler

Limos Perth Fleet

Perth Limos at Night on the South Perth Foreshore


Several photos of the Showtime Limos Perth luxury vehicles. We have a professional limousine showroom where the limousines are on display Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm. The stretch limos all have their own dedicated parking bay inside our building. When you visit our auto showroom we will turn the vehicles on for you to view the party sections in action and test out the music and the awesome interior lighting.

Limos Perth Showroom

Inside the Showtime Limos Perth showroom a side profile photo of limousines parked with the lambo doors open. Being one of only a few professional limousine companies in Perth we operate from a Showroom.  You are welcome to visit at any time Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 5.30pm to place bookings, inspect the limousines or just to discuss your booking.  The whole fleet are always on display and immaculately detailed as we have a permanent detailer within our staff team. There is always a chauffeur in the limos Perth showroom should you wish to discuss the small details of your service, or special requirements such as the address location.  We have a display of the wedding ribbon decorations as well as stock of the refreshments and glassware that we provide as a complimentary service.

Limos Perth – Multiple Limousines Hire

On many occasions our stretch limousines are required for the luxury transport for corporate services as well as large groups of guests.  Having such a large fleet ensures that all guests can travel to events or on all day services together with the one company providing the services.  Swan Valley corporate services are a common service where workplaces reward their staff with our services. Below you can see a fleet photo of the limousines in the Swan Valley whilst waiting for guests to finish at the winery.



Showroom Lambo Limos Perth.

Showtime Limos Perth Fleet Photo. Panasonic Rewards Event in Perth.

Showtime Limos Perth Fleet Photo. Panasonic Event

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