Swan Valley Wine Tour Hummer Limo Gabrielle

Swan Valley Wine Tour

 Gabrielle’s  farewell with the Pink Hummer Limo Perth

The Pink Hummer Limo commencing the service for Gabrielles Swan Valley Wine Tour.

The Swan Valley Tour has begun.

Gabrielle had just finished her final year in at Curtin Uni. Her Mum, Stacy wanted to do something special before they finally had to bid goodbye to her, as Gabrielle has been offered a job in Sydney. Stacy remembered that last year, her friend Maggie had been invited on a Wine tour Swan Valley limo with her friends for her bachelorette party and they enjoyed a wine tour.

Stacy asked around for Pink Hummer limo Perth prices, and when they found out that it is quite affordable, they decided to go for a wine tour themselves.


On the Hummer limo Perth Swan Valley Winery Tour there are gourmet alfresco restaurants to enjoy the local desserts.

Yummy desserts alfresco

At first they were hesitant because nobody in the family had tried it out just yet, and they simply do not know what to expect. On the day, the hummer limo picked the whole family and friends from their house in Jandakot at 11 am, and had planned to visit three good quality wineries within the Swan Valley area. On the way there was a stopover in Perth City, before we arrived in the Swan Valley to enjoy the boutique wine tasting at the famous Sitelleas winery. After a few different tastes of the lovely wines on offer, the limo tour made its way to the Edgecombe winery with the beautiful alfresco dining area with the wisteria and vines. Each winery offers their best wines for tasting, and the guests also enjoyed taking some group photos and sightseeing. In between the wine tasting, there was time for catching up after long absences. They had a great time chatting, bonding and laughing inside the luxurious Hummer limousine. Last but not least, was the chance to enjoy a gourmet cheeseboard, as well as a chocolate and truffle tasting. The five hour tour ended at 4 pm, but Gabrielle and her family and friends were really satisfied with the wine tour limo experience. Stacy even said that she is planning to tell her friends to enjoy the same experience as they had with the family.


There is always plenty of times for some group photos with the pink Hummer limo during a stopover on the Swan Valley Wine Tour

Time for a photo during the Swan Valley Wine Tour.

Event:  Swan Valley Wine Tour

Tour Vehicle: Hummer Limo Perth

Location: Swan Valley Wine Region

Chauffeur: David

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